Meet the Civil Stoneware Team!


Katherine has been throwing pots for over 17 years, and running Civil Stoneware since 2017. After completing her fine arts and design degree in Georgia, she moved to Alabama to intern at the Birmingham Museum of Art where she examined and cataloged ceramic pieces from the African and Pre-Columbian collections. Currently a prop stylist for photographers, magazines, and ad agencies, Katherine feels these pieces are tools of the trade. Katherine's favorite thing to make in the studio is whatever new thing is coming next! Katherine designs every piece with love and is always looking for the next thing to bring to your table. Her creativity is endless and she leads our team with grace, generosity, and a spirit of humility that keeps our whole team inspired!


Hollen has been with Civil Stoneware part time for several years, but joined the team full time in 2024. Hollen has exquisite taste and design sensibilities, and a vast knowledge of ceramics, which is why she’s the perfect fit as our Business and Production Director. Hollen focuses primarily on managing the production of our wares and the business end of studio operations, but she still loves to get her hands dirty in the studio whenever she can. Her favorite thing to make is custom pieces designed in collaboration with our customers and stockists! Drop by the shop and say hello, as she will be opening the retail space each Monday thru Friday from 10a-2p. She’d love to help you pick out the perfect collection of tableware or a one of a kind gift. We are over the moon to have her.


Grace has been with Civil Stoneware for two years, and she helps make our plates, bowls, and other slab-built wares. She puts a loving touch and attention to detail into everything she makes. Her favorite thing to make is our match striker! You'll see Grace when you stop in to visit our studio on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. She's always welcoming our visitors with her sweet smile! Grace is full of great ideas, and we love having her creative energy on the team!