Our Story

"I've always been compelled to create functional pieces with ceramic materials not only because I love making things, but because to the dichotomy at the root of the process - the opportunity to transform dirt to delicacy using raw materials of earth shaped into wares created to elevate common household tools. I am continually inspired to dream up more unique forms. The natural materials contain properties that promote health and healing, which is close to my heart because I make pieces that serve food. Tablescapes are present for some of the most intimate conversations, and i feel like the pieces carry that atmosphere of celebration, and will one day tell a story of a time and place. The pieces I've collected over the years are like a tactile travel journal... each transporting me to a moment in time along with all the emotions." - Katherine Tucker, Founder and Designer

Civil Stoneware Inc. is created with that in mind...to bring visual artistry and affection to your table while hopefully creating timeless memories along the way. Our studio is located in the heart of the civil rights district in Birmingham, Alabama. The collection is made by a team of artists led by Katherine Tucker, a potter who’s been throwing pots over 17 years. After completing her fine arts and design degree in Georgia, she moved to Alabama to intern at the Birmingham Museum of Art where she examined and cataloged ceramic pieces from the African and Pre-Columbian collections. Katherine is also a production designer for photographers, magazines, films, and advertising agencies, so she designed these pieces to be tools of the trade. Created to make stories and photos more interesting, and life as a whole more beautiful. Our wares are primitive & stripped down, yet elegant & timeless. Each piece is carefully crafted and loved from start to fire, and It’s our hope you love our work as much as we do.